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Revere Property are a London estate agent that pride themselves on providing a comprehensive, personal service. With an existing website that no longer matched their high standards, Revere was looking for a new site that effectively showcased their properties and services.

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Project Overview


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO


Revere is used to dealing with high-quality London property that stands out. Unfortunately, their existing website did not match this quality, with technical issues and limited features severely impacting Revere’s ability to market their properties and services online.

Strawberry Forge was approached to deliver a new website that allowed Revere to provide a more comprehensive property search and listing, while also refining their digital brand.

Project Process

Phase 1


The discovery process for this project focused on two distinct elements. Firstly, we explored what features Revere required from their property listing. This ensured we could provide them with a website that would allow them to effectively showcase their properties.

Secondly, we reviewed their brand, identifying what they did and didn’t like. With many key brand assets already in place, including their logo and colour palette, we explored how these could be evolved and incorporated into Revere’s new site.

The discovery process also allowed us to discuss the style of website they were looking for. The result was learning valuable information, including their preferences around white space and typography.

Phase 2

UX Design

For Revere, one of the driving factors behind the development of a new website was being able to better showcase their properties. Therefore, in planning the user experience, we knew that the property listing would be at the heart of our design.

For users, being able to quickly find a property that matched their specifications was essential. Therefore, a lot of time was dedicated to determining their placement, style and complexity of their site’s property search functions.

Outside of tenants or buyers, we also had to make sure the website worked for prospective landlords or sellers. To achieve this, we developed a clear sitemap and navigation, making all information on the site easy to access.

Phase 3

Content Creation

One of the positive elements of Revere’s previous website was the content. Since we were developing new pages, reusing the content wasn’t an option. However, time was taken to understand the tone of their content, so we could effectively replicate it.

Once we had a clear idea of the tone, the content was written in wireframed documents to match the layout of the new website. This was particularly important, as the designs did not allow space for large amounts of words. Therefore, the content produced had to be to the point, while also creating a welcoming feel.

As with all our website projects, the content was written with SEO in mind, including proper use of H tags and keyword research.

Phase 4

Website Build

Since the property listing and wider website need to be updated regularly, developing something that could be used by the Revere team easily was key.

For the website as a whole, this meant developing it on WordPress using an intuitive page builder, before using custom CSS code to tailor the style of the site to their brand.

When it came to the property listing specifically, we built a front end admin section where Revere could update their agent profile, manage existing properties, and add new ones – making the management of their website simple.

Phase 5

Test & Launch

To ensure the quality of our work, all Strawberry Forge websites go through a rigorous testing process prior to launch. This includes technical SEO checks, along with a final review of the site across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Revere’s new website went through this process with flying colours and only a few minor content edits requested by the client.

Following the launch of the site, we took the Revere team on a tour of the backend of the site so they could get a sense of the site architecture. At the same time, we conducted training on how to make basic edits, ensuring they could update their site without needing a digital agency in the future.

Project Results

Revere Property wanted a website that would let them showcase their properties while also delivering a better user experience and more welcoming brand. In response to that brief, Strawberry Forge delivered a website with enhanced property listing features that they could easily manage themselves, along with a refined design and search engine optimised content.





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