Build your business a brand that demands attention, champions your values and reflects your unique approach.


Do You Need To Revisit Your Branding?

Do you lack the documentation to define the key elements and uses of your brand?

Do you find applications of your brand are often applied inconsistently, resulting in a disjointed feel?

Do you feel that your brand is out of date and no longer reflects your business or its values?

If you answered yes to one of the above questions, it may be time to look at refreshing your company branding.

The most successful businesses build a brand that is instantly recognisable. This is only possible through a consistent use of unique brand assets. However, with many businesses lacking clear guidelines, it is often the case that branding is applied inconsistently and becomes confused.

Correctly implemented, branding is a powerful tool for creating memorable impressions among would-be clients, as well as non-verbally showcasing your company values and why you stand out among your competitors.

This can have a very real impact on your ability to build trust with new clients, retain existing customers and increase employee satisfaction.

However, like any element of your wider marketing strategy, branding must evolve with your company, else it may begin to send the wrong message.

Strawberry Forge can help you understand exactly what your brand means to your business. From there, we can help you develop the visual identity you need to accurately promote your business and services online.

High-quality branding does not only belong to large companies with deep pockets. With the right brand assets, you can transform the perception of your business.

What’s Included In Strawberry Forge Branding?

Brand Identity Workshop

Your brand has to reflect your business, which is why we start by getting to know you and what you stand for. We then identify visual cues we can use to create an identity that showcases who you are.

Initial Brand Concepts

Once we’ve developed an idea of what you’re looking for, we create three distinct brand concepts for you to choose from, each complete with typography, colour palette and logo designs.

Chosen Brand Development

After selecting the brand concept that best showcases your business, we review and develop each element to further tailor it to your business and take into account any feedback.

Brand Guidelines Creation

Now that your brand concept has been developed, we design a brand guidelines document for your business to ensure that everyone at your organisation can easily access key brand information.

Optional Brand Application

Alongside our core branding service, Strawberry Forge can help you apply your brand practically. Whether it’s designing a new website or business cards and letterheads, we can tailor your branding project to your needs.

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