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Is Social Media Marketing Right For You?

Do you believe your target market will engage with your type of business on social media?

Do you already have an audience on social media that you feel you’re failing to fully leverage?

Do you have marketing and sales assets to leverage on social media that will help you stand out?

If you answered yes to one of the above questions, social media marketing could be right for your business.

Used correctly, social media is a powerful tool for proactively engaging with your audience, instead of waiting for them to come to you. By doing this, you can effectively increase your brand awareness, as well as open up a potential new revenue stream.

However, before diving head first into social media marketing, you should carefully evaluate exactly what you hope it can bring to your business. If you don’t, you may find your social media spend rising without any visible return on your investment.

Once you do understand your goals, social media marketing can be implemented in a variety of ways to benefit your business.

For businesses with little to no social media audience, paid campaigns may be employed to increase followers. Those with existing audiences may simply require regular organic posts to maintain engagement. Alternatively, targeted social campaigns to maximise the value of positive PR might provide the greatest value.

These are just a few examples of how social media marketing can be implemented, but you can quickly see how every business needs its own unique social media marketing strategy.

Strawberry Forge can help you develop your own social media marketing strategy to achieve your goals and maximise your ROI.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Organic Posting

Best suited for businesses with established audiences, our organic posting services ensure you have engaging social media content regularly posted across your channels to increase user engagement and brand awareness.

Paid Campaigns

Social media ads are an effective tool for businesses that have something to say but are struggling to be heard. We can help you build targeted audiences and adverts to get your business and social profiles in front of the right people.

LinkedIn Profile Management

If you think your potential clients are on LinkedIn, Strawberry Forge can help you reach out to them by taking over control of your personal profile, consistently adding new connections and following up with personalised messages.

Social Launch

Don’t have a social presence but think you should? Our social team can create optimise and launch your platforms, as well as help you put a strategy in place to grow your audience in a way that suits you.

Consultancy & Analysis

If you’re happy managing the day to day activities of your social profiles but want some support with high-level strategy, our consultancy & analysis services can provide you with the insights and ideas you need to excel.

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