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Ensure your sales team has high-quality, branded sales assets to effectively reengage leads and promote your business’s services and products.

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Do You Need Custom Sales Assets?

Does your sales team lack promotional material to pass onto leads?

Do you rely entirely on pitches to promote your business’s products and services?

Are your existing sales materials unbranded or lacking high-quality design?

If you answered yes to one of the above questions, your business may benefit from tailored sales assets.

We all want to close deals first time, but in reality this is not always possible, especially for high-value purchases where clients wish to take their time and review all their options.

In scenarios where a lead is making a purchasing decision over an extended period of time or choosing between multiple businesses, making a lasting impression becomes extremely important. By providing your sales team with high-quality sales materials, you can ensure they always have a branded asset to leave with their leads.

Not only does this present your business in a professional light, it also provides further opportunity for leads to explore your value proposition in more detail and discover why they should buy from you.

Use your sales assets alongside an advanced marketing CRM like HubSpot and you can further enhance your sales team’s effectiveness by gaining valuable information about how your leads engage with your sales materials, including how often documents are opened and how long they are viewed for.

The Strawberry Forge team is well-versed in delivering high-quality content and high-quality design. By combining these two elements, we can provide your sales team with a range of engaging assets that make your business stand out and help you convert more leads into customers.

Types of Sales Asset

eBooks & Brochures

Create high-value, cornerstone sales assets that allow your leads to take a deep dive into your business, products and services to learn more about why they should purchase with you.


Visually engage your leads and deliver key information quickly with infographics that champion your business’s brand and can be used by your sales and marketing teams.

Blogs & Company News

Create one off blogs or company news articles to efficiently address the talking points your sales team regularly come across when engaging with leads.

Presentation Templates

Ensure your business has a branded presentation template to maintain brand consistency when pitching or putting together other internal or external documents.

Email Signatures

Ensure each member of your sales team has a professional email signature to reduce the risk of email outreach looking like spam.

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