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Understand exactly what your potential clients are looking for so you can tailor your marketing, sales process and business to meet their needs.

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Does Your Business Need Buyer Personas?

Do you lack profiles that document the different types of clients that purchase from your business?

Do you only have a surface level understanding of what motivates clients to purchase from you?

Do you lack information about why clients may choose not to purchase from you?

If you answered yes to one of the above questions,it may be time to develop detailed buyer personas for your business.

Every business likes to think they know who their customers are but, in reality, this is rarely the case. Often, businesses define their clients by the service or product they are buying. My business sells a product, so my buyers must be people who need that product.

In reality, what motivates a client to purchase with a company, whether that be a law firm, property developer or any other type of business, is far more subtle.

Without understanding the needs and challenges that motivate your clients to purchase, you cannot successfully target your marketing at the right people. In short, without well-researched buyer personas, your marketing is shooting in the dark.

At Strawberry Forge, we specialise in getting to the heart what makes your clients tick. Through in depth interviews, we build a picture of your clients’ mindset before, during and after the sale so you can gain a clear understanding of what your market is looking for from a business.

From there, you can tailor your marketing, sales, product and service offering to better suit the needs of your audience and close more deals.

In this way, developing a comprehensive understanding of your buyers can lead to immediate benefits for both potential clients and your business.

What Does Buyer Persona Development Look Like?

Fact Finding

Before we gain a deeper understanding of your clients, we like to gain a deeper understanding of your business. This provides important context about how you currently market your products and services.

Buyer Persona Workshop

In this workshop, we explore the current perceptions of your buyers among your leadership team. Alongside gaining demographic data, this workshop aims to uncover the number of potential buyer personas you have.

Buyer Persona Interviews

Unbiased, honest interviews with current, previous and lost clients will provide the key insights your persona is built upon. By interviewing at least six people per persona, we’ll uncover common themes you need to address.

Buyer Persona Development

Alongside anonymised interview transcripts, we’ll collate a host of themes in a branded buyer persona document. Each theme will be paired with multiple quotes from our interviews, so you can see exactly what’s important to your clients.

Buyer Persona Recommendations

Finally, we’ll provide a variety of recommendations for how to better align your marketing strategy and sales process to the needs of your target market. This will ensure your buyer personas provide practical next steps to improve your business.

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