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Is a HubSpot CRM Right For You?

Do you lack a CRM in which to manage your contact database?

Do you struggle to keep up with contact related tasks, such as calling or emailing leads?

Do you want a single platform from which to manage your marketing and sales activity?

If you answered yes to one of the above questions, a HubSpot CRM could be right for your business.

At Strawberry Forge, we believe great marketing needs a great foundation. That’s why, when it comes to managing your database, we always recommend HubSpot’s customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Through HubSpot, you can control every element of your client management. From keeping track of key contact information, to logging sales communications and notes.

In this way, you can ensure your sales and marketing teams have a complete record of all client contact, allowing you to better engage with leads, anticipate their needs and protect their privacy.

Even better, you can use HubSpot to manage multiple marketing and sales activities – including email marketing, social media management, sales pipelines and more – on one platform. That means saying goodbye to long lists of usernames and passwords and hello to just a single monthly cost.

If your business currently doesn’t have a CRM (or the one you’re using is ineffective), Strawberry Forge can help you set up a HubSpot CRM on the package of your choice, as well as provide you with the support and training you need to get to grips with this powerful tool.

Our HubSpot Setup Service Includes

Account Setup

For free accounts, we’ll create your account for you and, where necessary, link it to your WordPress website.

Adding Users

We’ll create individual users for each member of your team that needs to access your HubSpot account.

Database Import

We’ll review and import your existing contact database so you can start enjoying some of HubSpot’s features.

Dashboard Setup

We’ll create marketing and sales dashboards within HubSpot so you can track the KPIs that matter to you.

User Training

Once your account is up and running we’ll take you and your team through each HubSpot feature so you can use them with confidence.

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