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Manage your contact database, marketing, sales, and client service all in one place with one of the world’s most powerful CRMs.


Is a HubSpot CRM Right For You?

Do you lack a CRM in which to manage your contact database?

Do you struggle to keep up with contact related tasks, such as calling or emailing leads?

Do you want a single platform from which to manage your marketing and sales activity?

If you answered yes to one of the above questions, a HubSpot CRM could be right for your business.

At Strawberry Forge, we believe great marketing needs a great foundation. That’s why, when it comes to managing your database, we always recommend HubSpot’s customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Through HubSpot, you can control every element of your client management. From keeping track of key contact information, to logging sales communications and notes.

In this way, you can ensure your sales and marketing teams have a complete record of all client contact, allowing you to better engage with leads, anticipate their needs and protect their privacy.

Even better, you can use HubSpot to manage multiple marketing and sales activities – including email marketing, social media management, sales pipelines and more – on one platform. That means saying goodbye to long lists of usernames and passwords and hello to just a single monthly cost.

If your business currently doesn’t have a CRM (or the one you’re using is ineffective), Strawberry Forge can help you set up a HubSpot CRM on the package of your choice, as well as provide you with the support and training you need to get to grips with this powerful tool.

Our HubSpot Setup Service Includes

HubSpot is one of the world’s leading CRM systems designed to make building meaningful and lasting relationships with your customer base simple. All your teams can use HubSpot, so your company has everything it needs to attract, engage and delight your audience all in one place with seamless integration.

It’s not an exaggeration when we say everything you need for your inbound marketing efforts can be found on HubSpot. Having to sign up to a bunch of different platforms for your marketing and sales teams to use, and then trying to make sure everything is in sync can be costly and a real pain — especially if you have multiple staff members who need to be trained to use every system.

With HubSpot, marketers can create blog content, schedule social media posts, update website pages and design email templates, while the sales team can monitor and assist leads as they progress down the sales funnel.

Having your staff use HubSpot exclusively will also save you a lot of time and money in the long-run as many of the other platforms you’ve been using to date will no longer be needed.

There will be software you’re using that you don’t want to lose, and HubSpot is fully prepared for that. For example, if your site is running on WordPress, integrating it with HubSpot is straightforward. This means you can carry on maintaining your website as normal while using the powerful CRM to better nurture your leads.

Adding social media channels to your HubSpot account is another great bonus. By simply integrating your accounts, you can schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more all in one place.

Whether you’re posting to your blog or social media pages, you can set your posts to go live whenever you want with HubSpot’s easy-to-use scheduling calendar.

There’s a lot more in store for you when you add your website and social media profiles to HubSpot’s platform. Clear yet highly detailed reports are generated when your other software is integrated, so you can track the full progress of your inbound marketing efforts. In turn, this will help you make smarter decisions based on quantitative data.

For example, you can see how much your audience has grown at the click of a button and if the content you’re uploading is resonating with viewers. From there, you might decide to increase content production, set a new uploading schedule or leave things just the way they are.

For immediate access to key information, dashboard reports give you a quickscope view and are fully customisable, so you never have to scroll through lengthy menus to find what you’re looking for.

Lists also enable you to search custom contact record properties, giving you access to your different audiences at the touch of a button. You can then set up emails or follow-up tasks to work your data to its full potential.

It’s a big deal when you turn visitors to your website into leads, and HubSpot is great for capturing user information. Your sales team can easily track the progress of visitors and leads as they move around your website, prompting them to move down the sales funnel when the time is right.

There are plenty of tools available through HubSpot that will help with this such as: forms, quick-access contact lists and task setting.

Let’s put together an example. A visitor has completed a form on your site to download an eBook, and their details have been instantly logged turning them into a lead. You set a task reminder, so you remember to follow up. After a day or two has passed, a member of your sales team can contact that lead to see if they’re interested in learning more or making a purchase. Furthermore the sales team will know exactly which form the prospect has submitted, as we tag each form with a custom reference.

Another example of a brilliant HubSpot feature is a Lead-Flow. There’s no doubt you will have been presented with a pop-up form when browsing a website, and with HubSpot you can automate forms to alert when a website user is leaving the page, or hovers over a certain key message with the relevant next step you would like them to take.

Depending on where leads are in the sales funnel, the time might not be right for a sales representative to get involved. After all, if the lead is still on the fence and decides not to make a purchase after prompting, that can result in a lot of time wasted that could be better spent.

Automation makes it possible for your company to nurture leads without direct involvement. Emails can be sent out to leads, sharing more information on the subjects they’re most interested in. Chatbots can also be added to your site to answer the most commonly asked questions instantly.

Want to make sure the right content is sent out to the right leads? You can create workflows from scratch ensuring emails are only sent out when a lead takes a specific action.

When you come to Strawberry Forge for your HubSpot setup, we’ll make sure you’ve got to grips with the software before you start using it. But help from Strawberry Forge is just the tip of the iceberg; there are literally thousands of blogs, eBooks, videos and training courses that will guide you through all aspects of the software. Plus, there are forums available where you can speak to other HubSpot users and a 24/7 top-class support team.

We fully recommend the training courses, which come with industry-recognised certificates once you pass the exams

What Can I Do With HubSpot?

HubSpot is one of the world’s leading CRM systems designed to make building meaningful and lasting relationships with your customer base simple. All your teams can use HubSpot, so your company has everything it needs to attract, engage and delight your audience all in one place with seamless integration.


Generate leads by creating and managing content for your website, social media platforms and company newsletters. HubSpot’s range of marketing tools will guide you through the prospect nurturing process, turning your audience into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).


Turn your leads into customers. HubSpot sales tools help you understand where leads are in the buyer’s journey, so you can make the decision to carry on nurturing them or to go in for the close. Functions such as automation and live chat make it easier to engage with leads, so you can help them with their journey.


Great customer service doesn’t stop once someone has made a purchase. Your existing customers are the perfect brand champions who you should nurture to promote your products and services. Use HubSpot to resolve issues and to deliver a fantastic experience.


Having to work from multiple different softwares and accounts can be taxing and time-consuming, so HubSpot made it possible to connect your tools into one. See how your current systems work better together when integrated into HubSpot.

Need Help With Your HubSpot CRM Setup? Our HubSpot Setup Service Includes

Quick-View Contact Info

Having the right information displayed for contacts is a great timesaver. We include a custom contact properties consultation and full setup to further trim HubSpot into your bespoke solution

Deal Stage Pipeline

We help you understand your prospect and sales progression by implementing progress into the Deal Stage Pipeline. Your team can accurately track deals and forecast revenue or track sales targets.


Dashboards provide quick answers to key questions. We can set up dashboards to cover topics such as: ‘Marketing’, ‘Web Analysis’ and ‘Revenue’, grouping all your data in one place.


Grouping your contacts into the correct lists saves time. This can be the key to understanding where your best prospects come from, what industry they are in and it makes segmenting emailing lists easier.


Email templates cut out unnecessary steps when you’re contacting leads for a meeting confirmation, scheduling workshop follow-ups or agenda preceding meetings. Don’t think you send the same email multiple times? We beg to differ.


Creating and Assigning tasks eliminates the need for endless emails and phone calls for updates. Tasks can be assigned to your team with a range of different actions, then queued up to suit their work schedules.

HubSpot Packages

HubSpot has a range of packages available to help you, no matter how large or small your business is. From one-man-bands to multinational conglomerates, HubSpot’s CRM system will provide you with everything you need to get the most out of your leads.

Take a look at the packages below, and let us know which one suits you best.

Just because someone has landed on your website or reached out to you, it doesn’t mean they’re ready to buy… yet. To help your team make more informed decisions, HubSpot’s Sales Starter package provides you with the tools needed to understand where leads are in the buying process. 

If prospects move on to being Sales Qualified Leads, HubSpot tools make closing the deal easier and more methodical.

HubSpot Sales Starter includes:

  • 1-1 Live Chat
  • Easy-to-Navigate Meeting Schedule Links
  • Sales Documents
  • Email Templates
  • Deal Stage Pipeline
  • Real-Time Lead Information
  • Company Insights
  • Conversation Routing
  • Task Queues

HubSpot Marketing Starter is perfect for smaller teams looking to initiate a lead generation and nurturing strategy. When leads take action on your site (such as filling in a form), you’ll be able to quickly interact with them via automated kickback emails and landing pages.

Pages and emails are easy to build using HubSpot, and can be personalised to match your brand with no coding or additional software needed.

That’s not all you get with HubSpot Marketing Starter. You’ll also gain access to:

  • Contact Activity Timelines
  • Smart Email Tracking
  • Paid-Advertising Management Tools (up to £1,000 per month)
  • Website Chatbots
  • Live Chat Tools for your Website
  • Mail Shots
  • Contact List Segmentation (25 active and 1,000 static)
  • 10 Unique Dashboards
  • Up to 10 reports per dashboard

HubSpot CRM Starter Suite is a combination of all the company’s packages. So, alongside Sales and Marketing, you’ll also gain access to a wide range of tools that will help with Services as well.

This is the HubSpot package that’s perfect for larger, multi-disciplined teams that need to bring all their core customer data into one place. Considering there’s no price difference between the Sales and Marketing Starter packages and the full HubSpot CRM Starter Suite, it’s certainly worth thinking about.

Professional and Enterprise suites have different pricing strategies, but we’ll help you work out which is best for your business during our HubSpot setup briefing.

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