Digital Marketing Strategy

Ensure your digital marketing is built for success with a tailored strategy designed to help you achieve your growth goals.


Does Your Business Need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Do you lack clarity around what you’re trying to achieve with your digital marketing?

Do you regularly jump from one digital marketing plan to another?

Do you struggle to track the effectiveness of your current digital marketing strategy?

If you answered yes to one of the above questions, you may benefit from a fresh, trackable digital marketing strategy designed for long-term, sustainable growth.

Every business – whether they be a property developer, law firm or anything in between – wants to grow. However, determining the best way to do this is not always easy, and with a host of marketing options out there, working out where to start can be daunting.

When it comes to digital marketing, many businesses have ambitious goals. However, without the right strategy, significant costs can be spent without any tangible results.

Having a comprehensive, documented digital marketing strategy ensures that your business’s marketing activity is targeted to achieve your goals. This means the money you spend on your marketing has a specific purpose that can be tracked and quantified.

In developing a digital marketing strategy, you can make sure every member of your business is pulling in the same direction.

By having a clear idea of what marketing activities you’ll be conducting, you can make tracking and reporting on the effectiveness of your digital marketing easy. In short, this means you can make informed decisions based on hard data about what is and isn’t working.

Combine the goal setting, activity planning and reporting benefits of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and ensuring your business has one becomes a no-brainer.

What Is Included In A Strawberry Forge Digital Marketing Strategy?

Goal Setting

We’ll help you develop your digital marketing goals to ensure they strike the right balance between being ambitious and attainable.

Competitor Research

We’ll build a picture of how your competitors are performing online, identify what’s working for them, and whether it could work for you too.

SEO Analysis

We’ll perform an analysis of your current website to highlight any technical elements that could be damaging your digital performance.

Keyword Research

We’ll conduct keyword research, report on how your website is performing organically and identify any keyword opportunities you should be grasping to improve your online visibility.

Marketing Activities

We’ll recommend a series of marketing activities that should be implemented over the coming months to give you the best chance of achieving your goals.

Reporting Tools

We’ll highlight and implement any key reporting tools you need to measure the value of your digital marketing in the short and long-term.

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