Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Enhance your online visibility, bring in more casework and improve your return on investment with a digital marketing strategy that is tailor-made for your law firm.


Is In-House Too Costly?

For fee earners, time is money. Any time spent writing content for your website is time that could be spent generating revenue. Keep them focused on what really matters, bringing in new casework.

Want To Grow A Department?

If you’re looking to grow a particular department, writing about generic topics won’t have the desired effect. A targeted SEO strategy that’s tailor-made for your law firm will provide the visibility and authority you need.

Only Generating Leads Offline?

Are you having to network tirelessly for your leads? Let your website take care of the legwork and have your clients come to you. An organic digital marketing strategy will boost your online visibility and make it happen.

Presenting legal information in a way that is clear, concise and not overwhelming for website visitors is one of the main challenges law firms face when it comes to digital marketing. Make it too technical and your users will be turned off. If it’s too simple, potential clients may not be confident about your law firm’s expertise.

Striking the right balance is key, however legal professionals are rarely the right people to do this. Most lawyers will typically look for decision-based keywords or use language and terminology that potential clients may not understand.

Bringing in your audience at an earlier stage will help them connect with your law firm and convince them they should work with you. This is where an organic digital marketing strategy can help.

At Strawberry Forge, we understand what law firms need to succeed online. Boasting several years of experience in delivering successful organic marketing strategies to the legal industry, we’ve helped a variety of law firms bring in new clients, improve their online visibility, and boost their return on investment.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to digital marketing, which is why we tailor-make our offering to your business. Our team will take the time to understand your law firm’s goals and devise a strategy that’s designed to generate results.

Through keyword-targeted blogs, social media, and the latest search engine optimisation techniques, we’ll give your website the best chance of attracting a new audience and staying ahead of the competition.

What to Expect from Strawberry Forge

As Individual As You Are

Gaining a clear understanding of your law firm and its objectives.

Tailored To Your Unique Style

Working with you to ensure content is written in your tone and style.

Maximising Your Potential

Making the most of your existing marketing assets, website and domain authority.

Delivering The Right Value

Providing enough information to attract leads, without telling them everything.

Laser Focused Approach

Targeting online search terms specific to your law firm’s areas of expertise.

Results Orientated

Weekly updates and regular reports to keep you up-to-date with the latest results.

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