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Launching A New Brand With A New Website

Lowry Legal are specialists in family law, bringing extensive expertise to entrepreneurs, business owners and high-profile individuals. As a new firm, they wanted to make sure they started on the right foot, which meant creating a refined website that allows them to build relationships with clients online.

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Project Overview


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Branding


Lowry Legal’s goal is to deliver reliable advice to their clients, while also making transparent pricing the norm in the legal sector and building a network of lawyers for clients in need to turn to. With such lofty ambitions, Lowry Legal needed a brand and website that reflected the quality they offer their clients.

Strawberry Forge was brought on to help deliver this vision, creating and documenting a new, unique company brand, and then translating that into a website that delivered a refined yet informative user experience.

Project Process

Phase 1


As Lowry Legal did not have any previous website, brand or marketing to analyse, the discovery portion of this project was used to take a deep dive into what the Managing Partners were looking for from their digital brand.

This process identified the key elements that needed to be incorporated into their upcoming website, allowing us to build a comprehensive site map that would perform from both a user and technical SEO perspective.

We also explored potential future digital marketing strategies and ambitions, allowing us to create a website project plan that included the development of key pages, such as a podcast feed, that could be quickly implemented when the time was right.

Phase 2

Brand Development

When Strawberry Forge was brought on board, every element of what would become Lowry Legal’s brand had to be determined, including the final company name.

Strawberry Forge started by creating a variety of logo concepts and layouts, interpreting our brief in different ways to provide a range of options to the client. Once the client had indicated which logo concept they preferred, we went through multiple rounds of feedback and edits to refine this initial concept into the logo used today.

While doing this, we also developed a colour palette and group of typographies to match. We then provided Lowry Legal with a brand guidelines document to ensure the foundations of their new digital style were preserved moving forward.

Phase 3

UX Design

Like many legal websites, one of Lowry Legal’s ambitions was to be able to deliver valuable information to their audience online. From a UX point of view, this meant designing a website that could illustrate complex legal concepts, but didn’t overwhelm users with large blocks of impenetrable text.

To achieve this, banners, calls to action and images were distributed throughout each page, ensuring text was broken up into more manageable pieces for users to skim. At the same time, select animations were incorporated to add additional dynamism to the site.

Finally, as this is a site to generate leads, contact forms were added to all key pages in order to capture lead information, while access to all essential information was made easy for users with a straightforward navigation.

Phase 4

Content Creation

Before beginning to write Lowry Legal’s website content, it was important to determine the tone of voice required. As family law is a very personal area of the legal sector, the content had to reflect the human approach Lowry takes to dealing with clients. However, we also had to recognise the target market of high-wealth individuals and ensure we presented Lowry Legal as professional, expert and reliable.

In order to ensure we had combined these two themes correctly, we wrote an initial set of website pages, which were then passed onto the client for review. Following the client’s feedback, we moved onto writing the rest of the website, confident that the tone of voice showcased Lowry Legal’s values.

As with any content created by Strawberry Forge, every page was written within a wireframe, allowing the client to see how it would be laid out on the website. We also keyword-targeted the content, ensuring the site is ready for any future organic marketing efforts.

Phase 5

Website Build

With the branding, UX design and content writing already complete, the actual build of the Lowry Legal website was able to take place with no complications.

By using a reliable WordPress theme we ensured that future management and basic editing of the site could be handed over to the Lowry Legal team, saving them the cost of having to use a developer in the future.

We added our own CSS code to tailor the look and feel of the site to Lowry Legal’s new branding, resulting in a website that is easy to maintain, yet totally unique.

Phase 6

Test & Launch

Like any Strawberry Forge website, Lowry Legal’s new site did not go live without rigorous testing to ensure it would perform from both a user and a technical SEO perspective.

Testing included reviewing the entire website across desktop, tablet and mobile, while also testing the responsiveness of every individual element.

Since this is a new site we did not have to worry about redirects, but checks were made to ensure the sitemap was correctly formatted and easy to read by search engines.

Once we were confident the site was ready, we made the site live in an evening to minimise the impact of any downtime, and took the Lowry Legal team on a tour of their new site, so they were trained in how to update and maintain it in the future.


Project Results

Lowry Legal wanted a website that would provide the solid foundation their new law firm needed to establish themselves in the market and meet new clients online. In response to their brief, Strawberry Forge developed a new brand identity and website that speaks to their market and reflects their expertise.


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