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Okay, so bear with me. You probably read that title and thought: “Why are marketers being the mediator? Ironic?” Well, actually not that ironic, and here’s why.

Whether it’s thinking about going to solicitors for your problem, actually speaking to one, or reading the legal definitions about a term, it’s pretty easy to feel a little bit lost in all the complex jargon of the legal sector.  

It’s actually rather useful for the general public who are in a position where they need professional help, to be able to read through blogs written by individuals who aren’t lawyers, as they have to understand the matter in a basic way.

In this blog, we’re going to be addressing some of the main points as to why marketers can be the bridge between an individual becoming a client of a law firm.

So, first thing’s first…

Overwhelming Intimidation 

We can probably all agree that if someone tells you that they’re a solicitor, or in training, you’re pretty impressed. There is a legitimate reason for this, however, we have probably put anything law-related on a bit of a pedestal as it scares us. I think with good reason, as it’s definitely a very serious business, which we must all adhere to.

However, in terms of speaking with a solicitor, it’s pretty intimidating, especially when you feel like you really don’t understand the process of law, and what all the terminology actually means.

This is where we, as digital content marketers come in, as we’re the middlemen writing on behalf of law firms, but for the (often clueless) general public. 

The Digital Marketers Can Relate

So, I’m basing this on us here at Strawberry Forge, so each marketing agency might be a little bit different.  For us, we’re no experts in the law. Sure, we probably know more about it now than the average person, but that’s only because we’ve had to learn how to do so, in order for our legal blogs to be as smooth as they can be.

However, we learn something new every time we write a blog, whether that be from those we’re writing on behalf of first-hand, or from extensive research conducted prior to any writing taking place.

Therefore, our knowledge is relatively basic when we write about a specific topic or subject for the very first time. However, we find that this works in our favour because before we can write about it, we have to understand it.

This means that we can write in layman’s terms: simple and straight to the point, and only including law-jargon when there was no other alternative. What a relief, eh!

It’s a Softer Touch

Following on from what we’re just spoken about, by reading a blog which is on the website of a law firm, it’s likely to be much more of a relief when the individual is reading the blogs we’ve written. By we, I mean individuals who are able to translate complex information into a more delicate tone.

Also, the great thing about the way in which we do our blogs is long format, which, even though there are a lot more words there, it allows us to get stuck into a theoretical situation rather than being super corporate and just a case of X equals Y and that’s just the way it is, with little or no explanation. 

Encouraging Someone to Take The Next Step 

Through reading such blogs, done by content-based digital marketing agencies (such as Strawberry Forge), and reading the easily digestible content and understanding the information given, this is likely to encourage an individual who may have been a little hesitant about contacting a solicitor to do so.

Of course, this is the primary intention of a law firm working with a content digital marketing agency, to gain more attention to the firm, and to attract more customers to contact them and becoming clients. 

If an individual can read one of our blogs, or something similar, and feel more comfortable with the prospect of approaching a solicitor to discuss their issue or concern, the mediation process between a marketing agency and an individual becoming a client of a solicitor, then the job has been done!

Digital Marketing Provides Extras 

Of course, the perks of working with a digital marketing agency, whether they’re content-based or not, is the fact that they can provide all the elements that are actually going to help a law firm (or any other business for that matter) have more traffic.

Having more traffic means more people are more likely to notice and hopefully be reading the blogs, which if done correctly, will make way for more potential clients becoming confirmed clients, yay!

A digital marketing agency will be able to track the whereabouts of these clients, and whereabouts a company is losing sight of potential customers, and do what they can to help resolve this matter.

The Content Mediators Helping the True Mediators…

So we know it’s a legitimate fact that solicitors work as mediators of their case in hand. They try and settle a dispute between two parties in order to resolve it on behalf of their client. 

We work in a similar format in the way that we write our easy-to-read legal blogs in a simple but informative way, in order to make the transition of ‘potential client’ to ‘confirmed client’ a successful one. 

The way that words make such an impact is the difference between a law firm gaining a client or not. Additionally, law firms are known for being a little outdated in the way that they work, so they can use all the help available to them from digital marketing agencies, such as ourselves. 

Of course, it’s going to help if the agencies are content-based, as this actually allows for the true explanation of the law terminology to be softened and understood by just about anyone.