Simon Carter
Content Executive

Considering the high quality of our legal blogs, it’s strange to think that no one at Strawberry Forge holds a Law Degree or has ever even worked for a law firm.

However, I love a good courtroom drama, I was hooked on ‘Suits’ when it first came out, and I enjoy reading the works of John Grisham if that counts for something.

You may be wondering how it’s possible for any of us to write in-depth about litigation, probation and mediation without having a background in court orders and dispute resolution. Well, the answer isn’t as complex as you might think.

The truth is, legal marketing and legal writing are two very different things, and you don’t need to be a solicitor to come up with great content for a law firm’s blog page. We might not be able to draft wills, contracts or heads of terms, but we’re more than comfortable writing about these topics in the same way we’re comfortable discussing marketing techniques.

We understand that some solicitors will be a little hesitant about handing their marketing efforts over to a digital agency. However, I’m here to put those fears to rest by explaining exactly why a marketing company like ours is more than capable of writing your legal content.

Writing is Our Priority


Solicitors have enough on their plates as it is without having to worry about updating their firm’s blog once a week. Between liaising with clients, reviewing cases, spending time in court and trying to fit in some sort of social life like a normal human being, where on earth are you going to find the time to write?

Going to court and fighting legal battles doesn’t take as much time out of our day, though, so we can spend our 9-5 working on content that will get your law firm noticed.

You might think that blogging won’t take you too long and you’ll just find some time during your commute or in between cases to get it done. Believe me, though, a lot of work goes into writing and preparing blog posts. It’s not something you can do without having a proper plan in place.

It’s also important to think about the type of language legal blogs are written in. There is always a temptation for solicitors to fall into a rhythm of writing phrases in Latin and Ye Olde English because that’s how the laws were originally drawn up. With us, though, visitors to your site will be greeted with articles that are written in an easy to understand manner and as jargon-free as possible.

In turn, this will encourage more potential clients to seek your legal services, as writing in a language that’s simple and free from overly complicated words will help build trust between the two of you.

We Do Our Due Diligence


We know that you wouldn’t dream of stepping into a courtroom without preparing for the upcoming case first, and that’s why we follow a similar thought pattern before writing any blogs and articles. In the same way you can’t win a lawsuit without having all the facts, we can’t write valuable legal content without them.

The information included in our work ultimately shows how legal aid can help people resolve their on-going conflicts. This means every point we make has to be fully explained — and more importantly — correct.

That high level of responsibility is something we take very seriously here, which is why we only use reputable sources when we’re writing content. Making an exclamation that can’t be backed up doesn’t help anyone in the long-run, so expect us to hold our work up to the same high standards that your own work is held up to.

And if you need any more reassurance that our work is fully researched, remember that we rigorously proofread and edit each other’s work here. We don’t just do this to make sure our blogs are written well; we use this opportunity to comb through the facts, too.

We Keep You in the Loop


Some firms and marketing agencies barely check in with each other at all, let alone do it on a regular basis. However, we’re not ones to act without the backing of our solicitors. The blogs we write can impact how much faith potential clients put in you to represent them, which is why we send our work over to you for approval before we publish them.

We think this provides you with a great opportunity to see how much effort and diligence we put into our content, and it allows you to add your own thoughts to the articles. You’re the expert, after all, and we love hearing our clients’ opinions on their specialist subject.

And if there’s a particular view or idea you have that no one else is talking about, tell us about it. We’ll add it to the blog so readers can get a better view of how well you know your industry.

Overall, this ensures everything we write not only meets your high standards, but provides useful information to your potential clients that’s also legally sound, too.

Our Closing Speech

Solicitors are some of the hardest working people on the planet. This is why law firms routinely hire staff to help them with their court cases. You only have to look around your office to find paralegals, assistants and secretaries who routinely make the life of your solicitors so much easier.

While those staff members are not fully trained to practise law in the same way you are, they’re still trusted to organise your work in a way that eventually helps you to win big cases.

What we want to do is help you get those cases in the first place, something we already have a history of doing.

To find out for yourself how well content that hasn’t been written by a solicitor can be, get in touch with us today, and we’ll talk you through exactly what goes into the work we produce.