Simon Carter
Content Executive

If you were to read the blogs we write for our clients, you’d be forgiven for thinking each of us here at Strawberry Forge is a well-seasoned veteran of the property world.

In truth, our knowledge doesn’t come from first-hand experience. Each of us has an interest in property, that much you can bank on, but in terms of overseeing property developments, fixing up houses and being landlords (or a landlady in Georgie’s case), we haven’t got anything to show you.

You may be asking, “How on earth does that devilishly handsome Simon come up with such great content if he doesn’t have a bunch of rentals under his belt or a development on the go?”

Honestly, it’s just because I have a massive passion for property and I enjoy writing.

That alone isn’t going to convince you I’m more than qualified to write on this subject, I know that. Stick with me during this blog, though, and you’ll soon see that content execs don’t need a huge amount of property experience to write about it.

So, then. What do we need to do to get the job done?

We Need to Write Well


I know I’m stating the obvious here as all content needs to be well written, but what I’m talking about goes way beyond fixing up jumbled sentences and removing rogue commas.

When you’re writing about something, you need to have 100% conviction in what you’re saying. Being bold and confident in your writing is the only way to turn people towards your way of thinking.

Take this entire blog post as an example. I’m not using any wishy-washy words because I don’t want you to think I “might” be able to write about property. I’m flat-out telling you I can do it, and Strawberry Forge’s list of happy clients more than backs my claim up.

Do I really know what it’s like to deal with tricky tenants? No. Can I realistically imagine what it’s like and express those feelings in a blog post? Hell yes, I can!

Research is Key


Finding an authoritative tone of voice is one thing, but I know my words mean nothing if I can’t back up my claims with relevant facts and figures. This is why everyone who wants to write about property needs to have excellent research skills.

Buying, selling, renting and developing property isn’t something that people do lightly, and all of us here are well aware that any misinformation we put online could cost someone thousands of pounds. But we also know that putting the right info into our content can make people a fortune or help others find their dream homes, which is why we put so much effort into making sure our sources are reliable.

Tim and Georgie actually trained as journalists, so their knack for finding key info has been ingrained in them for years. As for me, I cut my teeth writing articles for passionate wrestling fans, and grappling aficionados don’t react well to writers who don’t check their facts properly (trust me on this).

Be rest assured, we do our due diligence properly at the Forge simply because we don’t know any other way of writing.

Let’s Talk Business


It’s strange to think some businesses barely say a word to the marketing agency they’ve hired. I mean, how on earth can either side be sure the content is spot-on if they don’t talk to one another?

Before we publish any blogs on your website, we run the work by you first. Not only does this give you the opportunity to check we know what we’re on about, but it also gives you the chance to add your own thoughts and opinions to the blog. After all, you’re the property expert and we recognise that what you have to say matters.

The insider knowledge you can provide us with means we can tailor our work so it resonates more with your client base and target audience. If you have a golden nugget of information that no one else is talking about, let us know so we can show how much you understand your industry.

Interested, Passionate or Obsessed?


An interest, passion and obsession aren’t the same thing. Each one is a different level that measures how much a person cares about a topic and how much it gets them jumping for joy.

If someone told me they were interested in property, I’d expect them to have surface knowledge on the subject, which would act as the foundations to reaching the passionate stage.

In turn, a passion for property suggests a person has a good understanding and a desire to expand their existing knowledge, acting as the building blocks to reaching an obsession.

Becoming obsessed with property can just happen overnight. In fact, you might not even realise where the obsession really came from.

Let’s use me as an example here. I used to watch Homes under the Hammer every day before going to uni and I still watch repeats of it on the weekend. The landlord and community management features for video games such as Fable 3 and Fallout 4 atest for a huge amount of my overall time spent playing the games. I regularly check out homes and flats on property portals just to pass the time (and because I’m nosey).

And now, I research information on buying, renovating and developing properties every single day I’m at work so I can write the best blogs possible. 

I might not be a property investor with a financial stake in bricks and mortar, but my knowledge is just as good as anyone else’s, and I’m always willing to go out of my way to learn more. If that isn’t classed as bordering on obsession, I don’t know what is.

Make Use of the Experience we Have

With our writing and researching skills and our genuine need to know everything possible about the world of property, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better marketing team anywhere in the UK for your business.

We’re always up for a chat if you want to discuss your needs and our skills further, so get in touch with us today.